May 17, 2017

The Invisible Farmer Project

Australia’s national broadcaster the ABC has joined up with the Australian Research Council and Museums Victoria to conduct the largest ever Australian study about women on the land. Called the Invisible Farmers as the work that these women do is mostly behind the scenes and often unseen, but they are the backbone of many farming and rural businesses. 

Submissions were called to pay tribute to farming woman all around Australia via the ABC Open website.
And … well… here is one such submission that you may find of interest.
Documenter (click to read)


May 14, 2017

A smoky sunset.

Yesterday's setting sun was actually an incredible deep red but it was impossible to capture that colour intensity on my camera... so you will just have to visualise it as red!



May 2, 2017

This bizarre looking thing is actually the communal nest
of the Processionary Caterpillar or Bag-shelter Moth.

Nature is pretty cool but don’t touch this one -
it is likely to be filled with hundreds of the itchy grubs,
so called because they can cause severe skin irritation.