February 19, 2019

Lesson #1: don’t sleep under a windrow of hay. 

I did umm & ahh as to whether to share this photo that was taken whilst baling hay early this morning. 
It’s not pretty. 

Foxes are a major pest in Australia having been introduced in 1871 when shipped from England for the purposes of sport hunting. They have decimated our native wildlife and continue to cause much harm. As you have probably gathered from my blog over the years we love our native wildlife here so we really dislike foxes. But a living thing is a living thing... he wouldn’t have known what hit him & it would have been very quick.


February 17, 2019

Artwork at the local pub

This mural on the wall of the Tuppal Hotel in Finley was painted by Wagga Wagga born street artist Damien Mitchell

It depicts a merino ram and woolshed which pays homage to the pubs namesake, Tuppal Station and the importance of agriculture in our area.