October 31, 2015

All hands on deck to get all the hay baled, stacked and covered.
Top effort from all the team this week.


October 29, 2015

Stacking up hay with Hay Caps atop...
and stacks more to do tomorrow...


October 28, 2015

Blog Post #1000
When I started this blog it was only going to be a yearlong challenge
 - to photograph every day on our farm for a year.
I never dreamt that I would still be doing that 3 years later...
1000 posts... 1000 days... 1000 photos.
What a milestone to reach.  
The above photo is a sampler of some of those 1000 photos posted on [Farm-ily].
Thank you all for your continued encouragement, comments, emails and messages.
I really treasure the friendships that have grown over this time.
So what now?
I guess I just keep going…



October 18, 2015

Modern-day farming.
New machine comes with iPad user’s manual & 2 monitors.


Guest Post - #3LittleThings

I have a treat for you today - something a little different from my usual one photo per day.
I would like to introduce you to our daughter Aimee. She is the brains & creator of The Lego Farmer. The Lego Farmer has received much attention since his creation here on the farm Sept 6, 2014. He is a hit on social media, been featured in newspapers & magazines around the world, had personal meetings with politicians, exhibitions at shows and Lego conventions… even speaking engagements. But ultimately what Aimee and The Lego Farmer are about is sharing her love of agriculture and getting people, young and old, to think about where their food comes from. And yes, that was her being filmed yesterday.
Today, I invite Aimee to share #3LittleThings that we can all do to help “Feed a Hungry Planet”.

So over to Aimee:

At the end of August I was very fortunate to be an Australian delegate to the Youth Ag-Summit held in Canberra. The theme of the summit was "Feeding a Hungry Planet". We discussed ideas and issues, and together made a declaration to be taken to the United Nations this week.
This is great, and BIG stuff, but in order to feed 9 billion people in 2050, we also need to each do little things. There are a number of things we can each do - and one way is through #3LittleThings.

#3LittleThings started at the 2013 Youth Ag-Summit in Canada, following the Mayor of Calgary encouraging the citizens of his city to each do
#3LittleThings for their community.
I want to encourage YOU to do #3LittleThings. Ideas include reducing food waste in the home, starting a vegetable garden, composting, eating local and regional food, enjoying seasonal fruit and vegetables, shopping at Farmer’s Markets, and many more!
You can find out more, through my post here,
and see all things Lego Farmer here or on Facebook. 
Finishing with some of my favourite Lego Farmer photos:
Checking the rain gauge.

Oxy cutting in the farm workshop.

Washing the ute ready for the Deni Ute Muster.


October 6, 2015

A contrast to yesterdays irrigated crop -
this one is dryland, very moisture stressed and dying in the heat.


October 5, 2015

With limited water allocation & no rain tough decisions being made
about what gets watered, and what doesn’t.