September 30, 2019

When the cutting bar needs a good soak to get rid of the build-up of dust from mowing drought stressed crops… park it on the lawn please.


September 28, 2019

Berriquin Cooperative Society’s Butter Factory at Finley est. 1945 vs today as MG Trading


September 21, 2019

Local farmers working together through drought conditions and zero water allocations. 
There has been a constant flow up & down the roads this week as drought stressed grain & oilseed crops are cut for silage and transported to dairy farms.



September 16, 2019

The view makes up for the cold wind on a late walk to get mail this evening.


September 12, 2019

Thank you to you all

Over in Facebookland things got a bit hectic following my Bureau of Meteorology rainfall maps post. It has been shared some 5,300 times, with a reach of 689,000+ people and a still increasing 1,800+ comments as Climate Change believers and deniers continue to fight it out. It has been quite interesting to watch it all play out. 

It has also meant a lot more followers. So, as I welcome new followers, I would like to add my gratitude to those that have been here much, much longer…. that’s all you in Blogland. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing interest and encouragement of Farm-ily and this little photo-a-day project that just seems to keep going. 

And yes, it is not lost on me, the irony of my most popular post not actually being a photo.



September 8, 2019

Thank you volunteer firefighters. 
Thank you for putting your lives on the line to save people and property.  

Today our local Rural Fire Service held its open day as part of NSW RFS Get Ready Weekend.  Open Days across NSW will be held over the next week. Find out when your local one is. Go along. Learn how to plan and prepare for the summer ahead. And go along to personally thank the volunteers that protect your community.


September 2, 2019

Getting ready for the season ahead… albeit a very short season.