December 29, 2014

Last post for 2014.
Here’s a photo that I took earlier this month that was upstaged by farm happenings of the day.
I’m taking a short blogging break and will be back in the New Year.
Thank you for all your encouragement and support throughout the year.
Who would have thought that 2 years ago when I challenged myself to record a year on our farm that:
a) I would be able to take photos each day,
b) that other people would find it interesting,
c) that I’m still doing it and
d) that the Farm-ily team still allows me to stalk their daily movements with camera in hand.
I am thrilled that so many people from all over the world enjoy the daily goings-on on our farm. Thank you so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave comments. This spurs this journey on.
See you in 2015


December 28, 2014

Nearly time for the new Farm-ily calendar.
Who else makes calendars with their blog photos?
I find it hard to narrow down the 100’s of photos to just a dozen. So I pick my top 30 and all the family votes on their top 12. This makes it much easier to then pick the final 12 (+ 1 bonus for the cover). Would love to hear what you do.



December 17, 2014

Paddocks will need re-raking after last night’s windstorm.


December 8, 2014

Galah chicks letting the parents know
just how hungry they are.