April 21, 2018

Customer approves

Photo from our truck driver who delivered hay to Cobar today, 600kms north of our farm.


April 7, 2018

Bit excited to come across this little guy on my farm walk this morning.

It is a juvenile Buff-rumped Thornbill
… well that’s what I think it is. I am happy to be corrected.


April 6, 2018

Just a hint of a fog this morning;
the nights are cooling down but the days still warm and dry.


April 5, 2018

Across the district rice harvest is getting underway.

We farm in the Riverina, southern NSW which is where rice is predominantly grown within Australia. We have many rice farmers around us but we don’t actually grow rice on our farm because our soil types are not suitable; rice requires clay based soil and we have sandy loam soils that are instead perfect for growing lucerne (alfalfa).

Our climate makes it ideal for the production of high quality medium grain rice. Australian growers produce more rice per hectare than anywhere else in the world with 50% less water than the global average.


April 2, 2018

Byramine Homestead celebrated 175 years this weekend.

Built in 1842 this 4 bedroom home has a unique central octagonal shaped room, called the fortress, which was designed to provide a view of all angles in case of attack from bushrangers.

It is located near Yarrawonga in northern Victoria alongside the Murray River.


April 1, 2018

Bilbies are rare, we only see them on our farm once a year.