January 27, 2020

Pick the odd one out. 

8 years of photographing our farm and there is a stark difference this year.



January 17, 2020

Very excited to see 3 Tawny Frogmouths on the farm today
spotted by someone whose eyes are much better than mine. Thanks Rob.


January 15, 2020

Last night’s smoky sunset… when the sun was actually very red.


January 11, 2020

This time last year… baby Willie Wagtails. 
I have been searching for this year’s nest… to no avail.


January 10, 2020

Wind & heat coming together for another severe weather & severe fire danger day. 
Please stay safe everyone.


January 7, 2020

We are hay producers. 
It is what we do best. 
It makes me so upset to know that we could be helping so many more fire affected farmers if only this infrastructure was not sitting idle due to zero water allocation for two years in a row and the governments management of water. 

Sadly this is what our paddock of lucerne looks like today. 


January 6, 2020

While the girls have been holding the fort, the boys have been fighting fires and delivering hay into fire affected areas. 

Photo courtesy of Trent.


January 4, 2020

Smoke fills the air

Spare a thought for our battle-weary volunteer firefighters who today face another extreme danger day. 
May they all come home safely to their loved ones. 


January 3, 2020

With a state of emergency in place for parts of Victoria & NSW and extreme weather conditions forecast, Australia is bracing for what is to come over the next couple of days. 
Stay safe everyone.


January 1, 2020

The photo that started it all. 

7 years today I started my blog inspired by discussion on ABC Overnights radio whilst I was out raking hay in the wee hours of the morning. The talk was about taking a photo a day for a year. I thought I could try that… for maybe a month… never actually dreaming that I would see out the year. After all… how much was there to photograph on a farm?

 Lots apparently! 
The more you look the more you see.