January 19, 2015

A hive of activity on seed grading day.


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    1. Glad you think so! The grading truck is pretty sophisticated.

      We were grading/cleaning our oat seed that was harvested in December ( ready for sowing in May.

      The seed comes out of the silo on the right, through the auger into the truck for grading. In the truck is a series of screens that sieve out any impurities, foreign material, small seeds or stray weed seeds etc. The clean seed then goes up another auger into the tip truck, then through a long auger at the back into the left silo. The process is then repeated with all the other silos. The rejected screenings, weeds etc. are augured into the trailer that is attached to the tractor. These will be later feed to the cattle.

  2. We haul our wheat to a business about 20 miles away to get it cleaned and then haul it back home when they are done. But my folks and brother have someone come to them. I guess I need to go and watch the process at their farm to see if it's similar to this. Thanks for the explanation!