Outback Roads

So what do a couple of farmers who are long overdue for a holiday do for some time away?

Contrary to logical thinking of putting ones feet up at the beach and taking it easy, we drove 5400kms (3355miles) through western New South Wales and outback Queensland… just to have a bit of a look around.

Over the next few days I’ll give you a taste of what we saw.

Today it is all about the roads we travelled.
We were actually surprised as to how good the roads were.

You have to watch out for road trains & caravans

planes coming in to land

emus, kangaroos, pigs, camels, goats, sheep, cattle….

or nothing at all.

The ride can be smooth…

or sometimes a bit bumpy…

but always beautiful.


  1. all gorgeous scenes...........skip the goats and camels and I have the rest most days........with an occassional pig............

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip.

  3. We loved driving around Australia, so many different scenes. I will look forward to your photos of different places. Diane

  4. Gosh, that really is a Road Trip! Great photos - even from the car!

  5. Wow--- a very enjoyable post. Road train--- What a great description for the longer-than-normal tractor-trailer situation. There are portions of the interstates in Oregon where such things are legal. Excellent pictures.

  6. I love road trips and its the kind of vacations we like to take.
    Wow what beautiful pictures!!!

  7. I wish I could have been on a road trip like this...I can't wait to see more. I love the way the road stretches out ahead.

  8. Wow, that's a lot of k's in roughly 2 weeks.
    How awesome is Oz, in all these shots! I'm looking forward to seeing the journey unfold.

  9. They remind me of the roads and outback tracks of Western Australia in so many ways and so often 100k and more without a bend. Sigh.

  10. I am finally getting caught up on some blog reading. I enjoyed seeing the roads well traveled and "less traveled." We traveled 1,225 miles on our trip to Colorado a couple of weeks ago.