September 28, 2017

Back when…

12 years ago we built a packing machine out of an old 8’x3’x3’ baler for little square bales. We were looking for a more efficient way to handle lots of little bales. Basically, our Bale Bundler as we called it picked up 14 little bales and packed them into one big bale. The small bales were still individually tied so we got the marketing advantage of small bales with the handling convenience of a big bale. It saved us a lot of time & effort as there was no hand stacking required loading & unloading a truck.

Then the drought hit and we stopped making little bales of hay. After the drought we never really got back into the little bales, choosing to focus on big bales instead. We sold our little baler years ago and the Bale Bundler has sat in the shed collecting dust.

Today it is getting a new lease on life and heading off to a new owner who bales lots of little square bales.  


  1. It's always a Good Thing when something gets a new lease of life. All the more so when it's something that one actually has an obvious affinity with.

  2. I can think of someone who would have loved your little baler. So much.

  3. Good to hear it is going to a good home. Keep well Diane

  4. I'm sure the 'baler' will be pleased. It will be saying " I knew I could. I knew I could"!

  5. It seems like another very creative idea from the Snowden concern!

    1. Thank you Bill. We like to think outside the box.

  6. It was interesting to learn more about your operation.