May 2, 2018

How lucky are we!

We received these today from a hay customer who called in to pick up mulch bales for the garden. What a delight to share a cuppa with George & Jenny of Tarra Valley Foods.

Thank you. These preserves will certainly be enjoyed.


  1. It is an interesting Facebook page. I am guessing they are friends with a jam producer in Rosedale, as that town is not in the Tarra Valley. I don't suppose they make my favourite Tarra Valley yoghurt.

    1. I haven't heard of Tarra Valley yoghurt but I do really enjoy Tamar Valley yoghurt.

    2. Yes, I thought about that and the Tamar Valley yoghurt is good, albeit a bit sweet, but I did buy some Tarra Valley yoghurt. Not too sweet, but not too sharp either. We bought some a couple of years ago when we in South Gippsland, but yes, I am perhaps confused by names of products.

  2. Wish we lives closer, I struggle to give mine away as everyone here makes their own! Diane

  3. Nicely presented.
    Love raspberry jam.