Cathedrals, Arcades & Laneways

Sometimes you need to make the most of situations that are thrown your way, so last week whilst in Melbourne I did a little exploring of the buildings, backstreets and laneways with my camera in hand. 
Thanks to Penny Koukoulas Photography for some guidance along the way.

St Patricks Cathedral

This grand cathedral is one of the oldest in Melbourne and commenced construction in 1858. It is built from bluestone and sandstone and is of Gothic-revival architecture. 

The Block Arcade 

This heritage shopping arcade was built in 1891. The mosaic tiled floors, glass canopy and carved stone make for a grand stroll through the arcade. 

The Block Place 

The Block Place is a romantic little pedestrian laneway filled with coffee shops and eateries but once housed stamp dealers, shoe stores and dry cleaners. 

Cathedral Arcade 

The glamorous Cathedral Arcade is a short L-shaped art deco style arcade built in 1925 filled with stained glass & leadlight archways. 

Degraves Street 

Degraves Street is quite often described as the quintessential Melbourne laneway… full of year round alfresco dining, coffee houses, quirky little shops & street art. 

Rutledge Lane

Depending on how you see this laneway it is either filled street art or graffiti. Melbourne’s street art culture is quite renowned and is displayed in all its glory in many approved laneways & locations.

So make the most of your little adventures... you just never know what is around the corner.


  1. Love the very different perspectives here.

  2. My nephew lives in Melbourne but I have never been there so the virtul tour is much appreciated. Great photos. Thanks Diane

  3. Thanks for taking me along on your adventure!

  4. Variations on a theme---- all excellent!!

  5. Thanks of taking me back to places visited 2 years ago. It would have been lovely to have been accompanied by Penny.

  6. All places I am familiar with and beautifully photographed.

  7. Most of those photos could be Adelaide, they are so similar, but grander and cleaner.