January 8, 2019

Sad eyes.

This little kitten got lucky today. Dumped like rubbish by a heartless person it has now found a loving home. 

Pets that become ferals are a big cause of loss of native wildlife in this country. Pet owners need to be responsible for their pets. Get your cats and dogs desexed, know where they are by keeping them confined to your yard and don’t dump your unwanted pets. Our wildlife depends on you being responsible.


  1. Very lucky cat! And excellent words.

  2. How could anyone even consider dumping this bright eyed little beauty.

  3. So sad but glad it now has a good home. Cheers Diane

  4. It's a major problem in New Zealand too and, now, in Scotland as well.

  5. a problem here as well as in many other places with unfortunately
    what good that the cat came to a good home finally
    so sweet it is with its fine eyes

  6. Creo que con mucho cariño y cuidado, estos ojos tristes se transformarán en alegres.

    Es un gatito adorable.

    GRacias por su visita

  7. Hello, Pretty Kitty-face. Aren't you the lucky one, finding a home?
    Ah yes, responsible pet ownership. Wouldn't it be wonderful if more pet owners acted in a responsible manner?

  8. Hard to imagine someone could just dump such a cute little kitty out on the side of the road.

  9. What a sweet kitten, has a magic face which you have captured well.
    Can't understand how people could just do that with cats or any animal they don't want - it's not right!

  10. So sweet, pleased she's found a home.

    All the best Jan