April 19, 2020

Around Australia at the moment farmers are sowing crops. How many of these seeds can you name? 
(Hint: not all are winter sown crops)


  1. 4 looks like corn. 6 looks like wheat. 15 looks like rye. They all make nice hearts.

    1. Glad you like the hearts. And you'd be right with one of those guesses.

  2. I think I know 1, 4, 6 and 15.

    1. Well I don't know what you are thinking so I can't tell if you are right or not ­čśŐ

  3. Beautiful love for the earth in the arrangement of seeds that give crop to the population, I do not know seeds so I will not guess. Regards.

  4. You can tell that I'm not an arable farmer. I think I know 4 and I can only think if one black seed (because I feed the birds and Siskins love it) so I may know 15.

  5. 3 that I might know but that is all. Take care and stay safe. Diane

  6. I'm not a farmer, even though I live surrounded by farmland. i like the heart idea.

  7. I'm going right out on a limb and will have a wild guess at everything!
    1. Quinoa
    2. Sunflowers
    3. Wheat
    4. Corn
    5. Sorghum
    6. Oats
    7. Fennel
    8. Soybeans
    9. Red lentils
    10. Green lentils (because they're green...)
    11. Rice
    12. Buckwheat (I don't know whether this is even grown in Aust.)
    13. Chickpeas
    14. Linseed
    15. Black quinoa

    If I haven't matched up three I will really have egg on my face.
    At least it will give you a good laugh.

    1. To the contrary Alphie, you have done very well. You have 9 correct.

  8. So for those wondering... the seeds are:
    1 Quinoa
    2 Sunflower
    3 Wheat
    4 Corn
    5 Field peas
    6 Oats
    7 Millet
    8 Soya beans
    9 Green lentils
    10 Mung beans
    11 Barley
    12 Ryegrass
    13 Chickpeas
    14 Linseed
    15 Canola

  9. Obviously I got 4 correct but I thought 15 was nyger/niger seed.

  10. Well, blow me down! 9.
    Mung beans, they were no where on my radar. I thought they were something you grew on your window ledge...
    You'll have noted lentils and quinoa were my default position when I had absolutely need idea.
    And as for millet, I really wanted to put that in but have no idea what the seed looked like.
    What a fun post!