November 29, 2020

Combatting COVID

On Monday, 137 days since the New South Wales Government closed its border with Victoria due to COVID19, the border reopened. 28 separate NSW police deployments along with army personnel manned the Tocumwal checkpoint 24hours/day, mostly doing 5-7 day stints. As a memento of their time stationed in our area cricket bats where handcrafted & signed by police from some of the deployments & are now on display at the Tocumwal Visitor Information Centre

Such a lovely way to commemorate the upheaval of the last few months.



  1. A fitting tribute to all those people who helped to hit Covid 19 for a six by keeping all those pesky Victorians in their place...

  2. It is indeed a lovely commemoration. And how I wish it had been a game.

  3. How good is that! It makes me wonder about keepsakes for 2020.

  4. Something to be remembered in years and decades to come.