August 3, 2015

Sun setting on another day.


  1. Really lovely, beaut colours..

  2. Stunning shot, well done. Diane

  3. I never know whether I prefer sunrise or set - but am so very grateful for both. This is a stunner.

  4. Enter this on Teresa's site on Thursday for her fences and gates posts. It's a keeper!

  5. Beautiful fall sunset!

    I really enjoyed the North Dakota Badlands as they are more vegetative and colorful than the South Dakota Badlands. We toured through them in the middle of the afternoon and I think they would be stunning in the twilight hours.

    As for the Medora stage props, yes they are impressive. In addition to being almost life size they move! The middle opens up to a south looking view of the Little Missouri River and the band stage moves onto the main stage or can be hidden behind the store fronts.

    The musical was a little Hee-Haw like. If you have never heard of it here is a little background, It was fun and the cast is passionate and talented at song, dance and more.