October 11, 2018

Sunrise over the oats. 

Yesterday’s photo was a paddock of dryland oats that we were going to cut for hay. With only 10mm rain in the last 2 months they are just hanging on. 

In contrast these oats have been irrigated... which is a very expensive exercise at the moment with a 0% water allocation. 

These oats are special… they are next year’s seed.


  1. Nicely framed with a good cloud formation. It can't be easy for you to decide the best way to go with crops.

  2. So gentle and pretty. A hint of brown that I hope is not fulfilled.

  3. I love the way the sweep of the clouds is matched by the tree. I hope this special crop goes well.

  4. Tolles Bild schön das Licht am Morgen

  5. A lot of our 2019 seed wheat is under water at the moment. Too much rain ... too little. It's all a concern! This is a beautiful photo.