February 17, 2019

Artwork at the local pub

This mural on the wall of the Tuppal Hotel in Finley was painted by Wagga Wagga born street artist Damien Mitchell

It depicts a merino ram and woolshed which pays homage to the pubs namesake, Tuppal Station and the importance of agriculture in our area.


  1. Excellent work. I am not quite sure what is mural and what isn't.

  2. Just amazing. I wonder if it is technology that allows them to get the scale so perfect.

  3. Wagga Wagga? I can hear Eric Idle saying something about that in a Monty Python bit about 40 years ago... Wonderful mural!! Beautifully captured.

  4. Well executed street art and murals are an asset to regional and rural towns. As is this one, just look at the ram's head and the curve detail in the horns.
    Does Finley have any silos or silo art?

    1. No silo art just yet but is has been talked about... so maybe in the future. Finley does have some silos that would be perfect for some art.

  5. I, too, picked up on the Monty Python connection and had to look it up. "Cuivre Reserve Ch√Ęteau Bottled Nuit San Wagga Wagga". Listening to the sketch though it really is very dated now.

  6. Great mural and when we are allowed to trade with the real world we can maybe get Aussie wool back in our clothes.

  7. That is brilliant, love it, cheers Diane

  8. Cool! Murals are becoming popular on Kansas buildings, too. Recently, a mural was painted on a grain silo in Wichita.