January 3, 2020

With a state of emergency in place for parts of Victoria & NSW and extreme weather conditions forecast, Australia is bracing for what is to come over the next couple of days. 
Stay safe everyone.


  1. This is a beautiful scene. I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having.

  2. Despondent is how I feel about the fire situation today. I've listened to a roll call of towns and communities, particularly in East Gippsland who have been given Evacuate Now and Watch and Wait alerts.
    It is alarming.
    Here in this city smoke from the fires has come to town; people take photos on their phones and others remark how awful the smoky air is....
    I can only think of lives lost, property and dead and injured livestock lost, not to mention wildlife who have no refuges to flee to.
    Not a positive word document n sight but that's how it is for me today.

  3. He is not my PM, and I should stay out of it, but it looks as though your current PM got a very harsh reception from some of his constituents. From where I stand it appears that he has a lot explaining to do. But--- All of that is after the fact. I hope it gets better soon. Your picture is exquisite, but...

  4. My New Zealand Family have been sending me photos of the blood orange sun they have as it tries to poke through the smoke which is now over New Zealand.

  5. We have a cooler day in Adelaide today but there are still fires around and Kangaroo Island is in a very bad way with fires covering a huge part of the island. My heart goes out to all who have been affected in all parts of Australia. We have had many holidays in many of the towns that have been burnt and will go back there so that we can help them recover in some small way as it will be difficult for the small communities. Thanks for sharing a very emotive photo.

  6. A stunning sunset we would rather not see.