January 7, 2020

We are hay producers. 
It is what we do best. 
It makes me so upset to know that we could be helping so many more fire affected farmers if only this infrastructure was not sitting idle due to zero water allocation for two years in a row and the governments management of water. 

Sadly this is what our paddock of lucerne looks like today. 


  1. Am I correct in thinking your water allocation comes from the NSW state government?

    1. The Murray Darling Basin Authority determines how much each state (NSW, VIC & SA) is allowed then the states allocate that water to entitlement holders in order of priority.

  2. Frustration with lawmakers is universal but this is on a whole other level!

  3. Hope you get rain from above to alleviate the drought.

  4. I saw a news report where there was some rain falling. I hope you are getting some where you are. (I realize that it can be raining 5 miles away and not raining on you.) Thinking of you and those suffering from the fires.