September 6, 2020

Father’s Day = Finley Show Day. 

Most agricultural shows cancelled this year due to COVID, Finley Show Society decided to hold its show online. With over 400 pavilion entries and 95 livestock entries locals got onboard this novel way of enjoying the show. Well done to the committee for continuing the spirit of the show in 2020.


  1. Shows what can be done when people get behind an idea. Congrats on your prizewinning photos.

  2. Great idea, and huge congratulations on your photography awards.

  3. At the one of our show they still took pavilions entries for non perishables but they put the pavilion displays in the vacant shop windows in the main street. Left then there for a month. It's good to think outside the square......

  4. Congratulations, Lynda Snowden! Wonderful innovation by the Show Committee but I wonder if the internet was very slow as everyone logged on.