November 1, 2018

Little stacks. 

P.S. I have finally got my email notifications for comments working again. It has been a frustrating 6 months without them. Is anyone else on blogger still having this issue? To those that have left comments, particularly a few days after posting and you haven’t got the response that you were expecting from me then I do apologise. 


  1. I think many of us were affected by this blogger glitch. Glad you have email function back again.
    Those stacks don't look all that little to me.

  2. You must have missed my post about how to fix the problem. It was helpful to a couple of people.

    1. I tried many fixes, read many blogs & forums about it to no avail. It wasn't until they changed something the other day that the fix actually worked for me. I think it had to do with my blog not having a .blogspot domain name?!?!?

  3. The notification only works now though, once down loaded, which for me is useless. I view every comment before it goes on the blog and it used to notify me before that it was waiting. Have a good weekend Diane

  4. I am getting most notifications but some commenters still don’t come through.

  5. I likewise had problems for a long time and then, despite trying all sorts of things, the problem suddenly righted itself again.

  6. Cool.... . So pleased you got comments working again......