November 9, 2018

Baby chicks

An update on October 15th post about the nest of Masked Lapwing’s eggs. You may recall the nest was in the middle of the yard where we were stacking hay on a neighbour’s property.  

Well... they have all hatched. 

Here’s what our neighbour said “Funnily enough the four eggs had two sets of parents with all of them guarding the nest. The first set of chicks hatched 3 days before the latter two. They all survived, I pick the last two chicks up and moved them to a safe place. The two parents were NOT happy but they mothered up and guided the chicks down the lane and away from where we were loading the trucks. Happy days” 

Thank you to the Urquhart family for the update and photo.


  1. They are so cute. It's good to hear this happy ending.

  2. Wonderful. I would not have liked to be the one to move the chicks in the face of a crabby mum and dad.

  3. They are so funny seeing them move about at this age ...