April 18, 2019

Some green amongst the brown

Incredibly some lucerne plants still hanging in there despite a long hot dry summer. 

You may recall we sowed this new stand of lucerne early September last year but then abandoned it mid-November when we still hadn’t been allocated any water. 

So what now for this paddock? 
We wait for rain, then see how many plants revive. Depending on the outlook for the season we might direct seed some more lucerne into it or just leave it alone.


  1. Tough plants. I see the lucerne field down the road from us is looking good after the last bit of rain we had. Cheers Diane

  2. I really, really hope you get some life-giving rain.

  3. Here in Kansas, we talk about the wheat crop having nine lives. Let's hope the same holds true for your lucerne.

  4. You are having hot summer and we are just now moving into spring. We get to experience the same but it isn’t the same time of the year.