January 5, 2021

Stubble management trial


  1. What an amazing looking machine. It appears to - no, I won't guess. How does it work and what is that end result?

    1. This machine is a hay tedder, it spreads out windrows of hay to speed up drying. The 2 sides fold down so the 6 spinners are all on the ground. Here we are using it to spread out the windrow of wheaten chaff left behind after harvest. Because our wheat crop went down, flat on the ground, we had to harvest very low to the ground rather than leaving some stubble standing. We ended up with very big windrows of chaff/straw. We won't be able to sow the next crop through that thick windrow so it either needs to be spread out over the paddock, baled up or burnt. We don't burn our stubbles so that leaves baling or spreading out. We have baled up most of the paddocks; this one we were trialing spreading it out. The windrows are too far apart to use all 6 spinners so only the 2 centre spinners are being used.

  2. Sort of a de-thatcher, I guess.... Nicely captured.

  3. Another machine I have never seen before

  4. I'm glad that you left an explanatory comment.