March 10, 2018

 Today a local engineering firm in Finley, our local town, celebrated 125 years of business;
a family business spanning five generations.

What an awesome achievement! 

 What started as a foundry in 1893 building horse drawn wagons, sulkies and water carts, moved on to make disc ploughs and farming implements and then graders for constructing the irrigation ditches when irrigation came to the area in the late 1930’s.

Today JT & EN Close manufactures ute trays and stock feeders amongst many other things. The original façade is still in tack. A new modern shed lies behind the old shed, but in a corner of this original building is a treasure trove of old tools & equipment used in a time gone by.

The history is pretty incredible.

There are also hundreds of documents including original invoices, wage books, handwritten letters, newspaper advertising dating back to the early 1900’s.

Such a pleasure to see so much local history preserved.


  1. Wow. And how wonderful that so much of it has been preserved intact. People with foresight.

  2. Sacre bleu, it is not a Furphy water cart. More than one company made water carts. I hope the history is securely preserved, proofed against fire, flood and starving mice. For some reason I remember Finlay from my teen years. It must be on the way to Darlington Point. Did I have to make a turn in the car at Finlay.

    1. Yes Finley is on the way to Darlington Point. You have a good memory! Finley is on the Newell Hwy, you turn off just north of Jerilderie onto Kidman Way to go to Darlington Point.

  3. Wonderful post.. thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great success story. That is wonderful.

  5. Wonderful and perfect that the photos are in Black and white. Have a great weekend Diane

  6. Wow that is a wonderful accomplishment.. .... So pleased you shared this......