February 8, 2021

Always happy to add to my list of bird sightings on the farm – this little one is an Australasian Pipit.
And yes… you’ll have to look hard to see him.


  1. A long bill--- Nice catch. Rather like a plover, I'd guess.

  2. We have a couple of Pipits on the Island and the only way to tell the difference easily is the length of the rear claw.

  3. The pipit is a master of disguise.
    I've been waiting for a bird post from you to ask about the Golden Plains Warbler. I understand it is fairly rare and has a limited habitat but I'm curious to know whether it has been found in your area or whether it is on your bird list?

    1. I have not heard of the Golden Plains Warbler, did you mean the Plains-wanderer? If so then no, not in our area Alphie. The wanderer has been seen about 200kms further north. Oolambeyan National Park at Carrathool was a 55,000 acre sheep farm before it was purchased by the state government in 2001 with the purpose to protect a significant area of native lowland grassland & the habitat of the Plains-wanderer.

  4. You did very well to get the Pipit's photo. I love the sprinkling of green shoots through the brown.