December 11, 2017

Mobile workbench.


  1. Not sure how long you have been in the industry, but I should think that things rarely go wrong with machinery, like used to happen in the past. I hope you tell me I am right.

    1. You are right but it does come down to how well you look after the machinery. We were doing some preventative maintenance here - a couple of bearings on the baler had a little bit of movement in them, so they were replaced before they broke in the paddock and caused a real problem i.e. a fire. That is not to say we never have breakdowns, because we do, but we try to minimise them with buying good machinery to start with and doing good maintenance.

  2. I have seen much worse mobile work benches. And we have been forced to use the ground before now. Love hearing that your preventative maintenance pays dividends.

  3. Hard to get people to do it, though. They call me a fuss-budget.

  4. Always good to do maintenance on all things.