December 21, 2017

The morning shift.


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    1. Why thank you Andrew, I'll take that as a compliment since I am flying solo at the moment. We flood irrigate with what is called fast flows i.e. a fast flow of water floods down the bay. Where I am standing is dry - the water has nearly reached my feet. The water is flowing from the top end of the photo down towards me. The trick is to time the turning off of the water so there is very little runoff out the bottom (but we have a full recycle system if it does). We aim to have the water on and off within 2-4hrs depending on the size of the bay.

  2. Wow-- I lugged around irrigation pipes one summer in my youth-- that looks a bit easier!

    1. I too moved many an irrigation pipe in my youth, and yes this is way easier.... but you have to have flat country for it to work. It wouldn't work on the hills of the dairy farm where I grew up.

  3. Great picture.The line of trees draws the eye into the scene.

  4. It's growing, well done with the water.
    Merry Christmas