December 15, 2017

Wheat seeds.


  1. I can smell the bread.... (I can't help it!)

  2. Wonder how many loaves of bread those seeds hold. : )

    1. Well... I did some working out. You would need to mill 12 handfuls of wheat seeds (proper handfuls that is, not the few grains as above) or about one & a third cups of grain to get enough flour to make a whole grain loaf of bread.

  3. Replies
    1. It is not quite as good as we were hoping. The grain is pinched and frost affected but surprisingly it did yield well. The grain is not good enough quality to be sold for flour or pasta. Accordingly the price offered was not real good so we keeping the grain , filling our silos and putting the rest in a big above ground bunker. On the upside the grain had a high protein test so will be really good to feed to beef cattle as part of their mixed ration later in the year. This is the best way we can get a return from this wheat harvest... we hope.

  4. It was the hands that captured my attention!
    Sorry to read that the wheat didn't bring the best results, but I now understand the 'ground bunker' pic.